" Superizing "  is a process you can use to edit your presentations.  We  lobby the software tool designers to include automated "superizing features" in their updated versions.  We believe that this enhances the quality and value of each presentation.

What you can do manually:

  • 1. Edit out some of the "pause and noise" segments.

  • 2. Increase the speed of presentation to 110% of normal.

  • 3. Edit out tangential information and transfer it to your url.

  • 4. Test your presentation before a live audience of graders/evaluators.

  •  Freeware at Inverness Software and Frips.com







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"There is a threshold of examination and criticism and knowledge that must be overcome in making a big decision that you tend to overlook in making a small one."

Warren Buffett

Here is a sample of two good business clips that could  be trimmed down:


" for people who value their time ! "



Disclaimer: The samples in this beta are for
 illustration of concept potential only.
  We are still evaluating tools to edit content and
 partnerships to present value-enhanced content.


Take the World Home
Take the World Home

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 Freeware at Inverness Software and Rueth.com